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Some works:

Related media:

Eberspächer Commercial

Engine pre-heater commercial for Eberspächer

• Motion graphics

Gothenburg Film Studios Interactive Visual Presentation >>

Interactive Visual Presentation of Gothenburg Film Studios and its business

• Flash/AS3 development

Sweaty Beards Visual Effects

VFX and animations for the full feature viking comedy movie "Sweaty Beards"

• Supervision of all visual effects and animations in the movie, including conceptualization, recruiting, organizing, coordination, storyboarding, pre-visualization and production

Sweaty Beards Movie Website >>

Official website of the full feature viking comedy movie Sweaty Beards

• Full production, including conceptualization, design and development

Music Production
Showcase >>

Various music productions

• Full production

Project WeeWaa >>

Puppeteering video game for Nintendo's Wii console

• Lead developer/programmer of primary production (2008-2010)

Earthbound Starlight >>

Animated music video for "Earthbound Starlight" by Duncan Sheik

• Development of Handimation, the realtime animation engine used for all character animations

Free Lunch Design >>

Free video games

• Audio design/production of various freeware video game titles including the original smash hit Icy Tower

Scurvy Dogs >>

Multiplayer pirate ship death match and “capture the flag” game demo

• Project leader

• Game audio system developer

• User interface developer

D.O.R.K. >>

90's style shoot 'em up game demo

• Full production | +46 (0) 707 36 71 99